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Entry forms, Entry Lists and results can be downloaded from here. We will aim to get the results published here as soon as possible, and will often link to this site from our facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/Talmagtrial/

Provisional Award Winners Talmag 2020
Provisional Results as at 27.01.2020
Provisional Award winners 2020.doc
Microsoft Word document [32.5 KB]
Talmag 2020 Detailed Results (Provisional)
Provisional results as of 27.01.2020
2020 Talmag Results Provisional.xlsx
Microsoft Excel sheet [136.4 KB]
Talmag 2020 Entry List
2020 entry list.docx
Microsoft Word document [24.6 KB]
Entry form, for TALMAG 2020
CLOSING DATE: 8/12/2019
Note that a new class has been added this year for Riders that wish to ride a more challenging route, (Class d).
Also note that Electronic ignition also allowed for any machine.
Talmag REGS 20 Online.docx
Microsoft Word document [20.0 KB]
Star group Tvt results 9 June 2019
Results from the Talmag / Witley joint trial at Frensham Vale
3088 2.xlsx
Microsoft Excel sheet [18.0 KB]
Entry available on the Day,
Adobe Acrobat document [122.0 KB]
Award winners 2019
Final front page award winners 2019.doc
Microsoft Word document [32.0 KB]
Just for fun, Test times in order....
2019 Talmag Special Test times.xlsx
Microsoft Excel sheet [14.4 KB]
Full Score sheet Talmag 2019
2019 Talmag Results 28012019.xlsx
Microsoft Excel sheet [42.2 KB]
Entered Riders for 2019
The List of Riders (and passengers! ) for the TALMAG 2019
Talmag Entries 2019.doc
Microsoft Word document [66.5 KB]
Talmag 2019 Entry forms
Download - Print and post with entry Fee...
Talmag Regs 19 Online.doc
Microsoft Word document [42.0 KB]
Talmag entry guide notes for 2019
Guide Notes 19 - email entries.DOC
DOC File [39.0 KB]
Star Group / TVT Results 10/6/2018
star group 2018 results.xlsx
Microsoft Excel sheet [15.6 KB]
Final Awards Talmag Trophy Trial 2018'
Front page award winners 2018.doc
Microsoft Word document [22.0 KB]
Talmag Trophy Trial 2018 - Full results
score cards as at 16.02.2018
Talmag Results 2018- as at 02022018.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [468.6 KB]
Talmag 2018 - Special Test results
Just for Fun - Special Test times in order.
Talmag 2018 - Special Test Times.xlsx
Microsoft Excel sheet [18.0 KB]
Rider list Talmag 2018
Entries 18.doc
Microsoft Word document [74.0 KB]
Talmag Trial 28.01.2018 Entry Form
Entries must be received by POST no later than 10th December 2017
Talmag Entry Regs 2018.doc
Microsoft Word document [34.5 KB]
Talmag Trial 2018 Entry Guide Notes
Guide Notes 2018.doc
Microsoft Word document [36.0 KB]
Talmag Sidecar trial 2017 - Entry form - Amended Venue.
Microsoft Word document [184.0 KB]
Talmag Sidecar Trial 2017 - Regs - Amended Venue
2017 TALMAG REGS 3.9.17 AMENDED VENUE.do[...]
Microsoft Word document [30.5 KB]
stargroup 2017 results summary
stargroup trial results f.cover2017.doc
Microsoft Word document [29.0 KB]
Details of Marks Lost - Riders Scores
Stargroup riders scores 2017.xls
Microsoft Excel sheet [58.5 KB]
talmag stargroup trial riders entry list
Stargroup riders2017.xls
Microsoft Excel sheet [57.0 KB]
Info Page for Stargroup 2017 trial
stargroup trial 2017 directions.doc
Microsoft Word document [26.0 KB]
Talmag Star group trial 2017 entry
Entry form for the Talmag star group trial on 11/5/17
Adobe Acrobat document [284.8 KB]
Provisional Results Talmag trophy trial 2017
Edition dated 03.02.2017
2017 Talmag Results 03022017.xlsx
Microsoft Excel sheet [39.9 KB]
Talmag Trophy Trial 2017 Provisional Results Summary
Edited 03.02.2017 to show change in 3rd & 4th positions in Rigid Class.
Talmag Results Front Sheet 2017 020217.d[...]
Microsoft Word document [17.4 KB]
Rider list for January 2017
entries 17.doc
Microsoft Word document [89.5 KB]
Talmag 2017 Entry Regs
Download and post to the secretary of the meeting, to be received by 10th December 2016
Regs 17.doc
Microsoft Word document [55.0 KB]
Talmag 2017 Guide notes
Please read before posting your entry!.
Guide Notes 17.DOC
DOC File [52.5 KB]
Star group provisional results See Sheet/Page 2
Copy of Copy of Stargroup riders2016.xls
Microsoft Excel sheet [44.0 KB]
Star group trial Final instructions
stargroup trial final instructions 2016.[...]
Microsoft Word document [23.0 KB]
Riders list for 2016 star group trial.
Stargroup riders2016.xls
Microsoft Excel sheet [48.5 KB]
Talmag Star group Entry
Entry form for Star group Frensham trial.
Adobe Acrobat document [153.7 KB]
2016 Final Results summary for the TALMAG Trophy trial
Talmag Final Results Front Sheet 2016.do[...]
Microsoft Word document [15.4 KB]
2016 Final Detailed Results, for the TALMAG Trophy Trial
Finalised Talmag results 2016.xlsx
Microsoft Excel sheet [50.3 KB]
2016 Talmag Trophy Trial Final Entry List
Click to open Word document in a new window.
Entry list 16.doc
Microsoft Word document [85.0 KB]

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